Aside from a stocked workshop, great people, comfortable work environment, learning aids and support, you get to be a member of a great club, and make some new friends. 

There is very limited space in Toronto, to live, to hang out, and especially to work on your motorcycle. 

You can come and work on your bike in safety and comfort, not on the side of the road, on your front lawn or spilling oil all over your driveway. 

You don't have to move any cars out of the way, move the ski equipment, or finish up you other chores before getting to work on your bike.

Getting work finished on your bike is easy, with all the tools at hand, which means that you don't have to stop half-way through a job for a run to Canadian Tire. 

Leave the bike at the shop - if you get half-way through a job, and need to call it a day, feel free to leave your bike at the shop and come back to the project the next day. We're centrally located and easy to get to, so coming and going is easy. 

Don't worry about waiting for your friend to lend you that tool, or let you use their shop any more. We have the tool here, we have the shop space here. ( I would even say it's nicer than your friend's)

Don't worry if you're not totally sure what you're doing. With lots of good people around, and eager to help, we can all figure it out together. 

Renting a garage is almost impossible in downtown Toronto. If you're lucky enough to have one, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, don't forget the added cost of stocking it with tools, and regular runs to the alley for a pee break. 

Did we also mention that we have running water (glamorous, I know), WIFI, 24 hr security, parts storage and an uncluttered space to work? We also stock the shop with stuff like shop rag, hand cleaner, grease, chain lube, basic nuts and bolts and TP - don't worry about it!

Labour at a mechanic can run from $50 - $150 an HOUR. That might even mean for a simple job like an oil change or a carb adjustment. You can take those jobs off your mechanics hands, and put that money back into your wallet by doing the work yourself.

Lets talk about lead times at a mechanic. One friend I know was just told that his clutch replacement couldn't happen until the winter, because the project was too big. Are you willing to let half your season slip away because your shop is booked up? 

Being responsible for the tuning of your own bike is a huge deal. It means that when something goes wrong on the road, you're going to be a lot more comfortable handling the issue. Not to mention avoiding issues happening on the road with preventative maintenance, which makes your ride safer, and saves you money down the line. 

Don't get caught up with all the other things you "should be doing" while trying to get the work done at home. Book a date with your bike, and Moto Revere and get the work done when it needs to get done. 

Able to pick up your bike yourself, should anything so brutal as it falling happen? What if it fell on you? Alone. In your garage. With a V twin pinning you down. And your cell out of reach? You good to pick it up then? Lets not re-live that episode of The Simpsons when Skinner gets trapped under a pile of old newspapers. There's always someone around to help at Moto Revere. Do it the safe way!